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Video Course
Certificate Course in Telemedicine by ACDH Speaker: Dr. Purvish Parikh
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Telemedicine Consultation / Practice Guidelines
(Govt of India Notification of 25th March 2020)

Online Three Hour* Six Module Certificate Course

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The Government of India has notified Telemedicine Practice Guidelines which requires doctors to undergo training an get certified for the same.

Our certificate course is unique, comprehensive and full of practical tips from real-world experience - making it the best course currently available.

1. It is available today, is online and comprehensively covers all the relevant aspects in six modules of approximately 30 minutes each

2. The modules are prepared by a senior, experienced, highly qualified doctor and educator who has more than five years of experience in virtual and online health services for patients and colleagues.

3. Topics covered are critical and relevant, including the following:

a. Telemedicine Practice Guidelines Overview - give you a comprehensive overview of all the aspects so that you get an overall understanding of the guidelines, regulations, medicolegal aspects and practical utility for telemedicine consultation.

b. Consent - The notified guidelines mention three types of consent - implied, explicit and informed. This module provides the details of what is applicable where, how to take the required consent AND practical ways of documenting the same.

c. Virtual Clinic - The success of a virtual telemedicine consultation is based on whether the patient is satisfied with it or not. This module gives extensive details on how you can ensure that, discussing every aspect with real examples.

d. Fees and Payments - The telemedicine practice guidelines have specified that fees can be charged. However, this is a new concept for patients. This module helps navigate the finer points and pitfalls, giving examples of how to ensure patients pay the fees in a convenient manner. It also provides details of payment wallets and compares the pros and cons amongst the various options. 

e. Prescription - Most telemedicine consultation ends with the requirement of prescribing medicines for the patient. This is a critical endpoint that determines patient satisfaction. However, regulations are strict, detailed and sometimes confusing about what can be and what cannot be prescribed. This module shares details with real examples as well as hypothetical situations that will make it clear what the notified guidelines (including the subsequent clarification issued by the government)  

f. Documentation and Record Keeping - This is required by various laws - beyond the telemedicine practice guidelines, IMC regulations, etc. This module shares details and practical tips of how documentation and archiving is possible in a simple and retrievable manner without spending money on commercially available apps/ platforms. It also shows how the entire data can be confidential, available only to you and not subject to misuse by third-party service providers. 

4. Each module not only provides details of what is required to comply with government regulations BUT ALSO provides practical tips based on four years of experience of providing the highest level of satisfaction to patients

5. It also contains details of how you can set up your own system using existing free online tools and softwares in a manner that is simple, consistent, compliant with all applicable laws and allows archiving of data that is secure and accessible only to you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity offered by virtual consultation while being totally consistent with government regulations AND receive the certification mandated for telemedicine consultation TODAY.

Purvish Parikh
Thank you for giving in depth and practical tips on practicing telemedicine in India
18 Aug 2020