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Video Course
Module 2- FOGSI Course in Ultrasound in Pregnancy Speaker: FOGSI
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Certificate Course in Ultrasound in Pregnancy By Imaging Science Committee FOGSI Fetal Medicine Foundation India

Each Module has 12 hours of Learning Over a Period of One Month

Second Trimester Module

07th Jan 2021 - Session 1: Overview on Common Anomalies Seen in India: Indian Birth Registry Data

14th Jan 2021 - Session 2: Ventriculomegaly and Spina Bifida - Diagnosis and Outcome

21st Jan 2021 - Session 3: Common Cardiac Defects

28th Jan 2021 - Session 4: Screening for Preterm Delivery

Megha Jindal
Ma'am with all due respect ...we were promised that recorded videos will be available to us for revision and comprehension ...all this is very new to us ...just by attending the session live ...we don't retain much ...plz its a request to make those videos available to us for atleast some days
21 Jan 2021
Pradnya Gijre
Showing diff anamolies uf some brief description of the pathology
21 Jan 2021
Pradnya Gijre
Brief description of tge pathology shown and how to make the probe movement for it. Be shown can ve great help.
21 Jan 2021
please give details of doppler setting for cardiac screening
21 Jan 2021
Dr Nalini TA
Can we get a booklet of your talk for obstetrician
21 Jan 2021
Dr Nalini TA
Was the apex towards rt
21 Jan 2021
Fatema Azad
How to differentiate between heterotaxy n ventricular dilatation
21 Jan 2021
Dr vijaya tikarya
we need normal veiw of vaive
21 Jan 2021
jyothsna shree nagappa
In crossover ,are colours different in pa/aorta
21 Jan 2021
Dr vijaya tikarya
plz show hands movement of all plans
21 Jan 2021
Dr. Sarala Kuramu
Do we need high end machines
21 Jan 2021
Poonam Gupta
if f echo at 22wk when the action can be taken if lethal anamoly
21 Jan 2021
sushma biswas
For the scan do we need different prob or it will sufficient by curve probe
21 Jan 2021
Mam , please help me to avail recorded videos or 1st lectures of Module2
24 Jan 2021
Kindly request you to provide first 2 recorded video recordings of session 2 as they haven’t been uploaded, thanks !
25 Jan 2021
Dr vijaya tikarya
Didnt get liknk for today
26 Jan 2021