Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health
Hani Fawzi
Rationale For Global Public Health
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About Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health

Adolescence is a phase which involves transition period between childhood and adulthood where physical and cognitive changes prepares one for adult responsibilities. There is progression from appearance of secondary sexual characteristics (puberty) to sexual and reproductive maturity and development of adult mental process and identity and transition from total social-economic dependence to relative independence. Many adolescents move from childhood through adolescence into adulthood in good health. However there are key health problems in adolescence, Dr. Hani Fawzi discusses them in detail. Adolescents are a diverse population group and have different and changing needs. They need information and skills, safe and supportive environment, health and counselling services, access to economy and decision making options. The rationale for investment in adolescents- demographic, public health,economic and human rights are explained in detail. Frameworks for addressing the health and development of adolescents include World Bank, WHO and UNFPA.


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About Hani Fawzi

MB BS, MPH, MClinEd, FFSRH, FFPH, FHEA, FAcadMEd, FRCOG - Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician - South Tyneside Hospital, United Kingdom

Hani W Fawzi is Consultant of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, with 15 years specialist experience in reproductive and sexual health.

In the UK he is Lead of Gynaecological Oncological Services at Unit Level and Lead for undergraduate and postgraduate Medical Education. At the RCOG, he is a member of the Global Health Unit and chair, RCOG Global Placements Committee which strategically oversees the training opportunities for overseas doctors in the UK as well as the Fellowships for UK trained doctors to developing countries.

Dr. Fawzi has a passion for training in Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care (EmONC) and he initiated and conducted EmONC training for participants in several developing countries across Africa and the Middle East and adapted training manuals to resource poor settings. He has also been appointed as international consultant and adviser to FIGO, WHO and several UN agencies.


Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health
By Hani Fawzi
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