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Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare Speaker: Suchitra Pandit
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The gap in health services can be bridged by optimizing use of technology to reach the masses. The modern technological gadgets that are useful in Obstetrics & Gynaecology are changes in modes of communication, contraceptive technologies, comprehensive abortion care, ultrasonography (diagnostic & invasive), electronic fetal heart monitoring, endoscopy (laparoscopy + hysteroscopy), robotic surgery and artificial reproductive techniques. The future will see technological advances in all aspects, use of telemedicine, newer drug delivery systems, minimal access / robotic surgery, reproductive cloning, customized babies, improvised gynec- oncology and advances in pain management.

Dr. Pandit discusses in detail the health care gap, the reasons for the same, how health care can reach the rural areas, the changes required to bridge the health gap. Change of attitude, discipline, lifestyle changes, better communication and counselling skills, changes in modes of communication, use of telemedicine, educational reforms, training in skill labs, regular assessment & updating skills of paramedical staff, use of clinical guidelines, safe surgery, training and drills in emergency care and youth empowerment will go a long way in bridging the healthcare gap.