Does Nobility Equate To Low Cost
Nandita Palshetkar
Does Nobility Equate To Low Cost- The Dilemma of Pricing in Healthcare, Investment and Return
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About Does Nobility Equate To Low Cost

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About Nandita Palshetkar

Dr. Palshetkar completed her MD in 1993 from Mumbai University. She was also awarded the FCPS in the same year from the College of Physicians and surgeons Mumbai. Subsequently she was awarded the ICOG from the MICOG Mumbai.

To keep abreast of the rapidly evolving technology in the IVF domain worldwide Dr. Palshetkar regularly attends many training programs and workshops worldwide. She also has considerable research work in cutting edge OBGY domain space. She is currently the professor of OBGY at the Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai and teacher for super specialty degree (FNB), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, National Board, Delhi at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

This accumulated expertise has helped her to make India a low cost provider of effective IVF treatment for couples worldwide. Dr. Palshetkar also has the distinction of being one of the most prolific contributor to the enhancement of academic body of knowledge in OBGY in India. She has presented papers and contributed articles in many journals and magazines.

Dr. Palshetkar was one of early visionaries who brought the now famous IVF treatment within reach of the common man and has tirelessly worked for spreading the benefits of IVF technology in India. She has been hailed as the “face of the IVF program” by the media several times in the last decade. Furthermore, Dr. Palshetkar has reached great heights and has made an enormous contribution to the field of Gynaecology by achieving various noteworthy records throughout her career.

Dr. Palshetkar has been the recipient of various prestigious awards namely the Bharat Gaurav Award at House of Commons 2015, Hex World Newsmakers Achievers Awards for Best Doctor in Gynaecologist field on 1st May 2010, the “Best Woman Achiever” Award in the gynaecological field from the Mayor of Mumbai (Mrs. Shraddha Jadhav) in 2010, the” Best Woman Achiever” Award in the gynaecological field from Giants Group of Byculla from the Mayor in 2009 and the “BHARAT EXCELLENCE AWARD” & GOLD MEDAL, Certificate of Excellence & Certificate of Felicitation for the year 2009, at the Conference on “Economic Growth & National Unity” organized by the Friendship Forum of India on February 25, 2009 to name a few. She was also recognized as the “Maharashtrian Woman Achiever” at the Mumbai Festival, at the Gateway of India on the 26th January 2006.

Dr. Palshetkar has the record of being the first to establish assisted laser hatching in this country in 1998 along with having delivered first laser hatching twins in India.

She is also a pioneer in establishing the spindle view technology in India so as to prevent damage to the genes during test-tube baby procedure, establishing the first egg and ovarian tissue bank in India and establishing IMSI – a new technology for improving results in Male Infertility, for the first time in India.

Dr. Palshetkar dreams of bringing state of the art OBGY care and IVF treatment to all parts of India. She is working on ways and means to make India the largest provider of high quality IVF treatment to the rest of the world.


Does Nobility Equate To Low Cost
By Nandita Palshetkar
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