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Human Rights & Women's Health in the 21st Century Speaker: Lesley Regan
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In this presentation, Prof. Regan elaborates on the right to health.  The right based approach to health has been slow to develop and this gathered momentum post the year 2000. The millennium development goals aimed to deduce maternal mortality rate by 75% between 2000 and 2015 but we have failed as only 45% reduction in MMR has been achieved. The sustainable development goals ensure gender equality and to empower all women and girls. Discrimination against women persists even today. Prof Regan discusses in detail maternal health, maternal mortality and causes of maternal death in the 21st century. He discusses the Marmot review on fair society and healthy lives and the life course approach. Education is central to women’s empowerment. Dr. Regan also elaborates on gender based violence. The focus has to be on investing in the health of young people. Family planning is every woman’s right. Leading safe choices is a donor funded initiative of RCOG which promotes best practices in post-partum contraception and comprehensive abortion care.