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Surgical Video
Le Fort’s Partial Colpocleisis Speaker: Ajit Virkud
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Colpocleisis involves the removal of vaginal epithelium and subsequent suturing of the vaginal muscularis in anterior-to-posterior apposition, thereby creating a tissue septum of support.Leon LeFort’s original description of the procedure (1862) calls for the excision of 2 oblong areas 6 cm x 2cm of the middle of the anterior and posterior vaginal epithelium with uniting of the raw areas by interrupted sutures and completing the operation by perineorraphy. A double barrel vagina is created post surgery with 2 channels which allow for conduit for bleeding or secretions from the apical vagina. Frail most menopausal women with 3rd degree or 4th degree uterine prolapse who want to preserve coital ability are candidates for this procedure.

In this presentation, Dr. Ajit Virkud, MD, DGO, FCPS, FICOG, Consultant Gynaecologist, discusses the indications, preoperative investigations and advantages of Le Fort’s partial colpocleisis. The highlight of this video is the step by step demonstration of the actual surgical procedure to enable easy understanding.