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Myoma Management - Modern Mantras
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In this presentation, Dr. Rishma Dhillon Pai discusses the diagnosis and preoperative evaluation, classification and symptoms of fibroids;   the mechanisms by which myomas may adversely affect fertility and the principles governing of the choice of treatment. The role of hysteroscopy, the surgical techniques in the management of submucous fibroids and the role of cold loop hysteroscopic myomectomy is presented. The management of intramural and serosal fibroids and the role of morcellation and laparoscopic hysterectomy is discussed.

Dr. Rishma provides tips for safe laparoscopic multiple myomectomy. Robotic approach may be favored for cases with higher complexity and multiple fibroids myomectomy. Newer modalities of treatment include magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound; ultra sound guided high-intensity focused ultrasound, uterine artery embolization (laparoscopic bilateral uterine artery occlusion, transvaginal Doppler guided vascular clamp) and radio frequency ablation of fibroids (intrauterine ultrasound guided and laparoscopic radio frequency ablation). The role of medical management in fibroids and current guidelines for management of fibroids are included.


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About Rishma Pai


Dr. Rishma Pai is a consultant Gynecologist at the Jaslok and Lilavati Hospitals, two of the best known and reputed hospitals in Mumbai.

She is a Director of the “Everywoman Cliniq” at Kemps corner and Bandra which are comprehensive women’s surgical, psychological, diet and nutritional advice with the help of various specialists.

She is the Medicals Director of Pearl family Welfare Hospital, Dadar, which is a pioneering hospital in the field of Family Planning. Dr. Rishma Pai has done her MBBS and MD at the Kem Hospital and GS medical college Mumbai and has worked as a teacher for undergraduates and postgraduates Following this she worked as a clinical fellow in endoscopy at the Jan Palfijn institute, Belgium where she received training in operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

She has also undergone training in Advanced infertility treatment, (IVF, ICSI) at one of the leading centers in the world, The Schoysman institute in Belgium. She is working as an infertility specialist at the ‘Babies and Us IVF and ICSI Center’ with offices in Mumbai and Delhi.

Dr. Rishma Pai is one of the pioneers in India in uterine Balloon Ablation therapy, for the treatment of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB), She Also has the distinction of delivering a 60-year-old woman, possibly one of the oldest woman in India.

She has written chapters in many books and journals and has been a guest speaker at many national and international conferences. She has also organized international conference which has been attended by gynecologists from India and abroad.

She is the Chairperson of the food, Drugs and Medico Surgical Equipment committee of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecology of India. She pursues her academic interests by being an active member of IAGE, ISAR, ISOPARB, ICOG, etc.


Myoma Management - Modern Mantras
By Rishma Pai
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