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Ovarian Reserve & Its Relavance in Clinical Practice Speaker: Nandita Palshetkar
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Ovarian reserve is a term that is used to determine the capacity of the ovary to provide oocytes that are capable of fertilization resulting in healthy and successful pregnancy. Ovarian reserve is affected by a number of factors. It is measured for Identifying patients who have poor response, hyper response, predict pregnancy rates, monitor pregnancy decline, plan fertility preservation, preserve fertility in cancer patients, to guide physicians regarding optimal dose for ovarian stimulation, detecting iatrogenic diminished ovarian reserve and egg freezing for social reasons. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, noted fertility and IVF consultant discusses each one of these indications in great detail. Dr. Palshetkar also gives an overview of the effect of tuberculosis, other infections and anti tubercular treatment on ovarian function. She discusses ovarian reserve after salpingectomy, ectopic pregnancy, administration of methotrexate and laparoscopic ovarian drilling. Ovarian reserve tests include study of demographics and anthropometrics, use of biomarkers (hormonal, functional and genetic) and dynamic tests.