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Quality Control And Quality Assurance In An Embryology Lab Prabhakar Singh
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On behalf of the organizing committee, we welcome all the faculties and delegates to one day IFS – Vidarbha chapter Annual conference in association with NOGS on 15th September 2019 at Nagpur.

As in Indian Fertility society, it’s our assiduous commitment to bring you the best of our services through our academic endeavors, so that we can stay connected with the world of academics and keep conquering the milestones in our clinical practices. The concept of this Conference is to take everyone on the platform where our good clinical practices may unfurl amongst our fraternity; henceforth it could make inception for a healthy interaction.

We are sure that the topics of this meeting would be clinically relevant and stimulating for everyone. Perfection is a lot of little things done right. These are the little things that differentiate intellectual from innovators, students from scholars and pioneers from the proficient.

Learn the pearls of wisdom and tricks of the trade from the pioneers. Nagpur City is the geographical center of India, having Zero Mile Marker and is famous for its Oranges and Tiger Sanctuaries. Weather at this time would be pleasant.