Sudden Obstetric Collapse
Alpesh Gandhi
Sudden Obstetric Collapse
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About Sudden Obstetric Collapse

Sudden obstetric collapse is a rare but a potentially life-threatening event, it is a sudden event involving the cardio-respiratory systems and /or the brain resulting in an absent or reduced conscious level and potentially death, at any stage up to 6 weeks of delivery.Dr. Alpesh Gandhi, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist discusses the immediate management which involves resuscitation of the patient (assessment, CPR, basic and advanced life support, cardioversion). He discusses the decision making in emergency Caesarean section in cardiac arrest and perimortem Caesarean section. The various causes of sudden obstetric collapse, and the differential diagnosis and the salient points pertaining to vasovagal shock, sudden uterine inversion, sepsis, septic shock, acute pulmonary oedema and amniotic fluid embolism are discussed at length.


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Sudden Obstetric Collapse
By Alpesh Gandhi
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