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Video Course
Vaginal Surgery Course Speaker: Kawita Bapat
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Note- This is a recorded program available for purchase.

  • No CME or ICOG points will be granted.
  • No certificate will be issued
  • To view this recorded program enrollment and payment completion is a must.
  • Recordings are available under “Syllabus” tab at this link/page itself.

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hi. i would like to join . please send me the reminder
15 Apr 2022
Naisargi Patel
can we get certificate also for this course and when is last date to pay for course ,how many days can we asses videoin case couldn't join same day
15 Apr 2022
Suresh Mondal
price is too high
15 Apr 2022
Suresh Mondal
please reduce
15 Apr 2022
Team Onference
Dear @Dr Naisargi, candidates who have enrolled for this event for them Recording will be available for minimum 6 months at this link itself
18 Apr 2022
Team Onference
Dear @Dr. Neeti Chaturvedi ,we will send reminder emails to all enrolled delegates on the day of the event.Thanks
18 Apr 2022
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