What’s New in Iron Therapy
Atul Munshi
What’s New in Iron Therapy
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About What’s New in Iron Therapy

Anaemia is a common problem in reproductive age and an important cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. Eradication of anaemia is an important part of the safe motherhood programme. The aim is to eliminate at least anaemia of pregnancy.

In this presentation, Dr. Atul Munshi, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, discusses the effects of anaemia on pregnancy and the management of iron deficiency anaemia in detail.  Iron supplementation is essential to treat iron deficiency anaemia. Newer safer molecules are now in the pipeline. The newer oral iron compounds include ferrous ascorbate, liposomal iron, ferric maltose.  Newer compounds for parenteral iron therapy include second-generation agents (Fe gluconate, iron sucrose) and third generation agents (ferric carboxy maltose, iron isomaltoside, ferumoxytol). These are discussed at length. The management of post-partum anaemia and the indications for blood transfusion during pregnancy are also presented.


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About Atul Munshi

MD, DGO, FICOG Consulting Obstetrician & Gynecologist

* Consultant Ob/Gyn at Ahmedabad since 1976.
* Special area of Interest: High-Risk Pregnancy, Menopause, Operative Obstetrics, Teaching U.G., P.G. & teachers training.

* Ex Sr..Prof. & Head of 1st unit of V.S.G.H. & Smt.N.H.L.Municipal Medical College & K.M.School of P.G.medicine, Ahmedabad. Professorship for more than 20 years. Total teaching experience for more than 30 years
* Currently Professor and H.O.D. of Ob/Gyn Gujarat Cancer Research Society Medical College, Ahmedabad.

* President, IMS (2010).
* Past President, Ahmedabad Ob/Gyn Society (1995-96)
* Vice President, FOGSI (2007)
* Chairperson, FOGSI AIDS Committee (2002-2006). During this tenure, the committee was awarded Dr.Mehroo Hansotia prize * Governing Council Member: Indian College of OB/Gyn since 2002
* Organizing Chairperson –AICOG 2000, a FOGSI Conf. at Ahmedabad
* Organizing Chairperson – YUVA FOGSI West Zone 2011 Ahmedabad Awards & Publications

* Received 7 Gold Medals at final M.B.B.S. University Exam
* Received University Prize for M.D. Examination in 1974 for standing 1st in University
* Peer reviewer of Journal of ObGy FOGSI and other national and international journal
* Edited 4 FOGSI Focus on PPH, PIH, Infertility & Osteoporosis
* Written chapters for P.G. Text Book on Operative Obstetrics, Radiation in Gynec Cancers, Menopause, Fibroids etc
* Received Best Paper Award at State Level Conference of Ob/Gyn & International Conf. of Infertility.
* Awarded Millennium Fellowship of Indian College of Ob/Gyn (ICOG) (2000) * Delivered more than 100 g Lectures & Oration at various Scientific Meetings


What’s New in Iron Therapy
By Atul Munshi
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