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Withering Art of Clinical Practice Speaker: Shirish S. Sheth
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Talk contains importance of history taking, resulting in diagnosis of uncommon to rare conditions. History invites further thinking and careful clinical examination brings closer to the diagnosis or hit the same. Occasionally, even inspection is important to think of possible diagnosis.
Conditions like Foot drop, Pseudo pancreatic cyst, Ascites, Ectopic pregnancy etc can baffle, particularly in the developing countries and areas without availability of advanced investigations as well as reliable reports. Too much reliance on Laboratory investigations, scans-n-scopes, and invasive investigations can disturb patients and economic condition and is not always rewarding. In fact, some of them easily get omitted by well taken history and careful clinical examination. In practice, we must also remember the words of Hippocrates…. “If you cannot do good, please do no harm” and treat suffering patients. No doubt, one has to keep the litigation as well as insurance and expenses factor in mind. As we are in different world, when we compare GNP of India versus that of developed countries.