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World Breastfeeding Week Speaker: BOGS
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Bengal Obstetric & Gynaecological Society celebrates World Breastfeeding Week.

Date:- 05th August 2022 (Friday)
Time:- 07.00 PM To 09.00 PM (Indian Standard Time +05.30 GMT)

Click here for the schedule


1. Please use Chrome/Safari Browser in case you are facing any issues.
2. No State Medical Council Points are allocated to the event.
3. No Certificate will be issued.


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Onference Customer Support
Dear delegates We extend you heartiest welcome for “World Breastfeeding Week”. The event will go live at 07.00 PM (IST +05.30 GMT ). Enrolled delegates are requested to kindly click on START/LIVE to view the event. (MINIMUM 10- 20MBPS REQUIRED).Thanks and happy learning
5 Aug 2022
Onference Customer Support
Dear Delegates, Welcome to the “World Breastfeeding Week”. We are live now! In case you are not able to watch the live session, please refresh the page and click on LIVE (below event banner. If the issue persists, please check your internet speed (MINIMUM 10- 20MBPS REQUIRED) OR alternatively use Chrome/Safari Browser.Thanks and happy learning.
5 Aug 2022
Onference Customer Support
Dear Delegates,If you wish to ask a question, please click on the button named- “Q & A” IN red color and enter your name and question.Thanks and happy learning.
5 Aug 2022
Nandini Chakrabarti
Wonderful conduction of webinar with short lectures ,panel discussion. with inspirational slogan competition, Bravo BOGS on Breastfeeding week!
5 Aug 2022
Onference Customer Support
@Dr.Nandini Chakrabarti,Thank you for your valuable feedback, we will share your inputs with the organizers.Thanks and happy learning.
5 Aug 2022
Nandini Chakrabarti
We, as obstetricians, should counsel mothers about lactation
5 Aug 2022
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